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KidNaturtex Junior Selection
As sleeping is a very important period of our children’s life, choosing the best suitable bedding is really essential. We know that calm and relaxing sleep is an elemental need of children’s health so the bedding has to be comfortable, light and hygienic.
Our company is also marketing licenced bedding products of Disney, Mattel and Warner Bros.



Quilts and pillows with feather, wool and washable synthetic fillings

“Família” (Family) set for children
Quilts and pillows with 100 % polyester filling and white cotton-polyester cover. Washable at 40°C .

“Mirabell” set for children
Quilts and pillows with 100 % polyester filling and printed cotton-polyester fabric in fancy designs. Washable at 40°C.

“Merinoflor” set for children
One side 100 % wool-fu r, other side: 100% printed cotton bedding for children. Underbed in size 70×130 cm also available.

“Allergia-Stop” set for children
Filling: 100 % polyester fiber boil-proof, fabric: cotton-polyester, white colour. Washable at 95°C.

“Atka-stop”(anti-dust mite) set for children
Specially offered for children suffering from allergic disease. Filling: 100 % antibacterial polyester hollow fiber, cover: 100% cotton with Actigard ® finish.

“Trend Teflon” set for children
A special product group filled with 100 % polyester hollow fiber, covered with 100 % cotton Teflon® finish repelling oil- and water-based contaminations.

“Wash-Cotton” cotton set for children
A product group with 100 % cotton filling. Washable at 90°C .

60% cotton, 40% acrylic blanket with pattern for children. Size: 90×120 cm.

Disney products
In our assortment there are bed sets, cushions, fleece blankets, terry products – all with Oeko-Tex certification.


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