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About us

Naturtex Wool, Feather and Down Processing Co., Ltd. was founded in 1989. Its main activity is production of pillows and duvets filled with feather/down, wool or other natural or synthetic material. Our company also distributes different home textiles on a wide scale. The supply of Naturtex includes moe than 500 different products. Naturtex is the leading brand in dealing with bedding production in Hungary, but most part – about 70% – of our income (which takes almost 11.000.000 EUR per year) comes from our export activities. Naturtex’s share of the Hungarian bedding market is 34%. The number of our regular retail costumers takes more than 350 – like furniture chains (for example KIKA), super- and hypermarkets (e. g. Tesco), independent home textile shops, plus our institutional buyers (hotels, pensions, dorms, hospitals, etc.).

Our main export products are quilts and pillows filled with high-quality Hungarian down. We have business partners in almost every European countries but also in Japan, Korea, Mexico, Israel, Ecuador and the USA.

Naturtex has 3 plants. In the central unit we carry out the production of feather/down/wool-filled or synthetic products and the sewing of bed linens. The down factory near to Szeged is one of the biggest feather-processing mills in Hungary. It cleans the raw feather with thermal water and operates its own waste-water treatment system. In 2008, we opened our newest unit where automatic duvet and pillow filling by down goes on a large scale. Further investments amounting to1,5 million € are still going on, which will result in an enlarged production output on the latest technical level by the end of 2011.

The keys of our company’s success are the continuous inventions, the quick adaptation to the heavily changing market circumstances and the high quality of our products. We seriously care about environment, using eco-friendly technology (ISO 14001) and using energy efficiently.

Naturtex in numbers:

  • 3 production plants
  • 130 employees
  • 9.500 m2 factory floor
  • almost 4.500 m2 storage space for finished products and raw materials
  • own feather-testing laboratory
  • more than1.000.000 pieces of finished products per year
  • processing 1000-1100 tons of down and feather annually
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